Not Another Time Change [Opinion]
This Sunday, March 13th, marks yet another time change. Yep, we will be losing an hour so don't forget to spring forward and set that clock an hour ahead Saturday night before you go to bed.
Maybe I am crazy and not understanding the purpose for this...
Where Would You Fly to Cat Pack?
I was messing around on our website the other day and saw something that piqued my interest on the Cat Country VIP Club. It a $350 Airline Gift Card and even though I can't win it, you can.
It's no secret that we have been getting our fair share of snow and colder temperatures in Billings lately and …
Arizona Now Charges People $25 to Visit Prison Inmates
New legislation in Arizona allows the state’s Department of Corrections to impose a one-time “background check fee” of $25 on adults wishing to visit inmates at any of its 15 facilities.
Needless to say, families and prisoner advocacy groups are not happy, …