Auditions for A Christmas Carol This Afternoon
Billings Studio Theatre is holding auditions for A Christmas Carol this afternoon.
Parts available:
14 male parts for 16 and older, 15 female parts for 16 and over, 10 boy parts and 10 girl parts for ages 15 and under, 1 Tiny Tim...
Crashing American Idol Auditions
My partner in crime, Jami Bond and I were out at ZooMontana for the American Idol auditions.  It was so neat to feel the excitement in the air.  As we were making our way around, you could hear people practicing while they were waiting in line, lots of laughs and lots of nervous sighs.
Your Kid Could Be Famous!
Want to see your child on TV or the movies? You could make it happen this week, since there are Hollywood talent scouts right here in Billings this weekend.