12 Bears With Beaks Because It’s the Internet
If you're not familiar with Birds With Arms, a single-serving Tumblr that posts images of birds with human arms Photoshopped onto them, Bears With Beaks might make no sense. If you are familiar, and you like Birds With Arms, you'll love this.
Disney’s ‘Bears’ Trailer Is Un-bear-ably Cute
Disneynature is releasing yet another animal documentary, this time about the world of bears and not surprisingly called 'Bears.' And, of course, these bears are really adorable (when they aren't trying to maul your face). Watch the 'Bears' trailer and get your daily dose of…
Finally, We Can Hike While We’re Menstrating!
I just read an article in the Gazette that made me kind of giggle... research has been done by a Yellowstone National Park Bear Specialist  to see if women are more at risk in bear country while they are having their pierod.  Turns out, it may be just as safe as anything else we do in bear…