5 Bone-Chilling Montana Legends
History can be an amazing thing. Learning about your local history can be one of those things to help you in your present and future.
What happens if that history comes back to haunt you? Literally.
There are stories that have been told from long ago right here in Montana...
Billings’ Best Bedtime?
Something I have battled with my kids is their bed time. I work odd hours and go to bed and get up at different times of the day a lot. It is hard for me to have a set schedule with this and my kids have struggled with my odd hours in an adverse way...
Rid Billings Of One Thing
It seems just about anywhere we go people are friendly and make us feel very welcome to be here. I couldn't be more thankful for that.
On the flip side of the coin, I have sat back and thought that if I could rid Billings of one thing, what would it be...
Seeing Crazy In Billings
There are certain times in our lives that we see things that literally make us question the future of man kind. I had one of those moments yesterday.
It's not hard to find a driver that doesn't quite have things figured out if you know what I mean...
Getting Organized
Have you ever been so busy, the your work space gets so disorganized that you can't find anything?
This has been happening to me.
This winter and spring has been a very busy one for me. On the go has been an understatement for sure...
Spring Craft Fair In Billings
A sure sign that Spring has arrived in Billings is the craft fairs that pop up over town. This weekend is no exception!
There is a Spring Craft Fair at Central Christian Church Saturday from 10-4.
There will be homes goods, products, and much more...
3 Montana Date Ideas
One thing about dating in Montana is whether you are just starting out or have been together a long time, there is always something fun and exciting to do in this state.
If you are trying to impress that girl, we have you covered. Trying to rekindle the fire...
Fighting Depression?
I read the other day that death by suicide is one the leading causes of death in Montana. To be honest, I do not recall where I read this but it struck me kind of hard when I saw it.
Since moving to Billings almost a year and a half ago, I have had 3 people in my life cut their life short by thi…
Win PBR Tickets!
Get ready Cat Pack! This your shot at winning your PBR tickets for this Sunday at MetraPark!
It's a pretty simple process too. Visit one of the following locations and take a selfie with one of our 'Cardboard Cowboys'. Then, upload that selfie to the Cat Country Facebook Page...
The Cash Cow Is Back!
The Cash Cow has arrived in Billings giving you a shot at winning some major moo-la!
Keep your radio locked on Cat Country. You've got two shots a day to win $1000!
Imagine what you can do with that money. So many possibilities await you and you owe it to yourself to win...
My Top 5 Montana Rivers
As we get ready to go in to summer, I decided to do some looking on the Internet to start planning on some weekend trips and an all-out vacation this year. What I have seen and found is simply beautiful.
Here are my Top 5 Rivers in Montana:

Bitterroot River

From what I hear there is some really good fi…
Ready For Football?
Spring is here and that brings on a brand new season for the Billings Xtreme which are a big team in the Rocky Mountain Football League!
The first game is Saturday, April 1st against the Utah Cobras in a game that is sure to be a showdown of showdowns...

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