5 Things You Don’t Want To Hear At Work
Hearing bad things at work is going to happen no matter what line of work you are in. When it happens, you can almost guess what is going to happen just by the first words that come out of the bosses mouth.
Steve Tobak, a writer for the business management site BNET...
What Your Collection Says
Have you ever seen someone with an interesting collection? Maybe that someone is you?
A new study says what you collect can tell a lot about your personality, according to psychologist Dr. Elayne Kahn.
Try it for your self!
Baby Shoes
You're very nostalgic, and you're family-oriented...
Top 10 Work Distractions
Getting distracted at work, especially in an office setting can be extremely easy. We have a large number of things that can take our attention quickly.
Just think of how productive we all could be if we had no cell phone, no surfing the Internet, no quick peek at Facebook...
5 Signs Of A Bad Driver
It's no secret that drivers in the world are getting much worse rather than much better. We have web pages and Facebook pages dedicated to these drivers. As a matter of fact, if you want proof that they really exist all you have to do is take one drive across Billings and you will find more tha…
Doing The Right Job?
A new study says that your birth month can point in the of the career you were 'born' to do. If this is true then I should be a bricklayer.
A British study has found a common ground between birth month and career paths. A team from Britain's Office for National Statistics studied&…
Old Time Advertising
Remember when people would paint up the sides of buildings with advertisements instead of graffiti? Things were a lot more simple then.
The family and I were sitting downtown Billings when we saw the old advertisement in picture above...
Enjoying The Billings’ Spring View
There's lots of things to love about working at the top of DoubleTree in downtown Billings.
One of those things is seeing the changing of the seasons for the whole city.
Over the past couple of weeks things have been getting more and more green and I love it...
What’s Your Workplace Annoyance?
I have to admit (again) that I am a little OCD. Everything has it's place in my office and I can't stand to have disorganization in my area.
The problem is that it has become known around the office that I am this way and it seems to be funny to some of my friends there...
5 Billings’ Summer Must-Do’s
Summer is on the way and I have come up with my top 5 things we must do in Billings before the the cold chill comes back on.

Go Swimming At Least Once

Summer wouldn't be summer without hitting the pool, lake or river. There's an unwritten law somewhere that says we must swim...
Ever Been Scammed?
Over the past month or so I have been getting phone calls for nearly every state in the nation. I don't like to answer calls from unknown numbers especially when they are from out of state because I don't trust what they really are.
For the heck of it I answered one of them the other day fr…
Best Invention Ever?
Ok. Maybe not the best but it is a pretty darn good one if you ask me and when it's gone it is noticed.
As my wife was making dinner yesterday she told me that the cheese grader was broken. The next thing I realize is her trying to grade the cheese with this broken cheese grader and it didn&apos…
Look Older Than You Are?
Just because I have no hair I get mistaken for being older than I actually am. I get it but sometimes I would like to feel a little younger than I look.
The fact is we will get older and look older, too. U.S. News & World Report assembled a list of surprising things that make us feel and…

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