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Take Your Kids to Work Billings?
In this hustle and bustle we call life, it can sometimes be hard to get quality time with those you love so much. Last week was definitely one of those times for me.
I love my job so much, but it can be very time-consuming. With five little ones at home, I have to find ways to make it up for them and…
Hot Rod Gets a Warm Billings Welcome
When arriving in a new town, it can sometimes be difficult to feel at home and welcome. You can go day to day and not even feel noticed.
This is far from the truth for my family and me after arriving in Billings a month ago. At first sight we discovered a very beautiful town and area...
We kicked off a new Cat Country Consultants music survey today. If you're one of the first 10 people to complete the survey we'll give you a pair tickets to this Saturday's Baconfest at the Holiday Inn's Montana Convention Center for your time...
Tell Us What To Play And You Could Get Paid!
Do you want to pick the songs Cat Country 102.9 plays? Great, then you're ready to be a Cat Country Consultant. Complete our latest music survey and we'll automatically enter you in a drawing to win either $50 in Fudd Bucks or a $40 Suds Hut Gift Certificate...
Best Of The Breakfast Flakes Podcasts
If you're going through Breakfast Flakes withdrawl throughout the day and you just need your fix of Mark & Paul now you can hear them on demand. Click on each video (I know, counterintuitive but just roll with it) to hear past audio from the show.
The Band Perry Modeling Cat Country Swag
Cat Country listener Kortney Frank and her sister got a chance to meet The Band Perry backstage at their show on February 16th here in Billings. Apparently the band are also big fans of Cat Country as evidenced by their new ball caps!
Help Us Choose The Music We Play!
Make your voice heard by becoming a Cat Country Consultant! We want to play the music you like the most but we need you to tell us which songs to play. Click here to take a survey and give us your opinion.

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