The Hunt For Hunter Hayes is Almost Over!
Today is it!
We’ve sent you all over the city looking for the clues that led you to find 14 pictures of Hunter Hayes. You guys put the CSI crew to shame with your puzzle solving powers.
This morning around 7:20, we’ll give you the last clue...
Rodney Atkins Was On Fire
At the Rodney Atkins concert last night at the Shrine Auditorium it was obvious he is a man of the people as we heard in the song "These Are My People".
Billings, The Comedy Mecca Of Montana!
First it was Chris Kattan, then Lisa Lampanelli, then Costaki Economopolis... now the next world class comedian coming to Billings is (drum roll please) Tracy Morgan!. The former star of Saturday Night Live, 30 Rock and The Tracy Morgan show will perform at the Alberta Bair Theater on March 27th...
Carrie Underwood With Andy West
Celebrities are just like the general population. Some are nice, some very shy, some are aloof and some are downright rude. After meeting Carrie Underwood before her show at Metra Park I have to say she is one of the nicest stars I've met...
Carrie Underwood Is A Total Sweetheart!
As you can imagine people who do what we do for a living meet quite a few celebrities. I've found them to be a mixed bag (just like people in general). Some nice and some rather full of themselves. Carrie was friendly and talkative and seemed to have a good sense of humor...

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