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Make your voice heard by becoming a Cat Country Consultant! We want to play the music you like the most but we need you to tell us which songs to play. Click here to take a survey and give us your opinion.
My Week 6 NFL Pickem’ Recap
Make sure you sign up for our NFL Pickem' Pool at If you win just one week of the pool you'll get $50 in Fudd Bucks, some Coors Light swag and entry into the grand prize drawing to win a "Man Cave" featuring 2 recliners and a TV stand from Ashley F…
My NFL Picks For Week 5
If you haven't taken a stab at our Pro Football Pickem' Pool it's not too late to try. If you win just one week of our pool you'll automatically be entered into the grand prize drawing to win 2 recliners and a TV stand from Ashley Furniture, a 50" Plasma TV and a beer fr…
My What A Large Gourd You Have!
You could say this guy is out of his gourd!
Yeah it’s a bad pun, but ya’ gotta have some fun with this story!  There is a guy in northern Montana who has once again recaptured the state's giant pumpkin record! Everyone has to have goal right...
LeAnn Rimes Tickets? Yes Please!
Weird Wednesday is here…just in case you aren’t keeping track of the days this week. And for you this means a shot at winning tickets to see LeAnn Rimes at the TrailsEnd Concert Park in Sheridan next week.
The Hunt For Hunter Hayes is Almost Over!
Today is it!
We’ve sent you all over the city looking for the clues that led you to find 14 pictures of Hunter Hayes. You guys put the CSI crew to shame with your puzzle solving powers.
This morning around 7:20, we’ll give you the last clue...
Here’s What $1000 Is In Other Currencies
If you win Cat Country 102.9's $1000 Tax Rebate here's what you'll be winning as expressed in various foreign currencies:
769.41 Euros
651.68 British Pounds Sterling
97,496 Japanese Yen
1,796,160,000 Old Turkish Lira

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