Who Does The Cooking in Your House?
Today is "National Men Make Dinner Day" which might have sounded funny a few decades ago, but now it just seems like "National No Big Deal I Do That All The Time Day"
I've only made the commitment to live with someone two times in my life and neither one of th…
Valentines Day Ideas That Aren’t Cheesy
Tip #9. Take A Cooking Class Together! Imagine your honey reaching around to hold your spatula while you scoop out your Paella or Cassoulet as learning how to cook Spanish and French food can be one of the most sensual experiences you'll have, the possibilities are endless...
Manly Men Making Meals
So believe it or not, today marks "National Men Make Dinner Day".  I'm curious to know ladies, if it doesn't involve tongs and a barbeque grill, what exactly can your man make?