The Streets Of Billings Are Safer Today!
More than 20 criminals are off Billings streets thanks to Operation BAC or "Billings Area Criminals". Multiple police agencies, led by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, announced at a press conference yesterday that they have been participating over the last year in an undercove…
Now I Have To Know He Exists
Granted, when someone's mugshot is being taken they usually don't look their best but if you're going to committ a crime wouldn't you want to NOT attract attention? Just sayin'.
Protect Your Cat… uh, I Mean Car!
The Billings PD is saying there's been a rash of vehicle thefts. Since February 16th 11 vehicles have been ripped off. Lock your doors and park in the garage if you have one. Also, never ever leave your valuables in your car unattended. A couple of years ago when I was playing some pick up hoops my …
Child Identity Theft
The most important number you'll ever know, besides 102.9, is your Social Security number.
It's hard to believe, but it's a fact of life now that children as young as 5 months are having their identity stolen!
I was just reading a couple of articles saying that once a kid hits college and tries to sta…

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