Dog Is Not Having His Owner’s Kisses
One man has trained his dog to hate kisses or affection. Sure, it's cute, but they've spent so much time together, and Owner was totally there for Dog that time he ate the Chunky bar -- he even took him to the doctor and washed the puke out of his hair...
My Dog Thor
Meet Thor!
I freakin' love dogs.  Back in 2001, my mom decided to give me a Yorkie for my birthday.  (I really didn't want him.  He was too little.  You see, I grew up with Labs and mutts on the farm, and with very small exception, we always had big dogs.  I...
Miranda Lambert’s Dog Passes Away
Miranda Lambert really can’t seem to catch a break. After losing her father-in-law (Blake Shelton‘s dad) just a few weeks ago, Lambert was then saddened by the loss of a longtime friend, who was killed in a tragic car accident. Today, the ‘Baggage Claim’ s…
Carrie Underwood Rescues Abandoned Dog
Kellie Pickler isn’t the only former ‘American Idol‘ contestant and blonde country star with an animal-friendly heart. Country queen Carrie Underwood bravely rescued an abandoned Labrador the day before New Year’s Eve (Dec. 30) while driving back to Nashvi…
Dog Wearing Santa Pants Has a Hilarious Walk [VIDEO]
If there’s one thing the Web loves it’s animals. And if there’s one thing that the Web loves more than animals it’s animals dressed like people!
One guy decided to put pants on his dog, and when he did, something interesting happened.
Turns Out There Is a Difference Between Dog People and Cat People
We’ve all made the assumptions about a person based on whether they own a cat or a dog. But do these stereotypes have any basis in real life?
The folks at set out to answer that question by polling nearly 200,000 pet owners on whether they have a cat or a dog and then crossing that informat…

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