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One Big Sky Discussed Thursday
Q2 reports the proposed One Big Sky Center project in downtown Billings has supporters, but it also faces a lot of funding questions, as evidenced by citizens at a public meeting on Thursday night.
Those involved in studying the project say to get to the second phase, they need $675,000...
New Downtown Strategic Plan
Last Best News reports that the new Downtown Strategic Plan will be made public next Tuesday at 8 a.m. in the Royal Johnson Community Room of the Billings Public Library. It’s the product of a year’s worth of work by Billings residents and the consulting firm of Thoma…
Parade Candy
The DBA in Billings wants stricter enforcement of the no candy for kids law at our parades. I think that's ridiculous. Candy at parades is about as American as you can get. What's next; no bicycles, no skate boarding, no sledding because of safety concerns...
Tell The DBA What You Want
I read an article in today's paper about what the Downtown Billings Associations dreams are for our downtown area. They want:
Rooftop terrace dining
A trolley or light rail
Fewer one way streets
More bike lanes (to allow more window shopping)
More festivals
Diverting ditch water to the downtown area, givi…
Magic City Blues
Magic City Blues festival is Tonight and Saturday in downtown Billings.  It marks the 16th year of a variety of music.  I've got the schedule below for you.
AN 18+ SHOW (bring your i.d.) | Gates open at 5pm
Stillwater Stage
05:30pm Gladys Friday
07:30pm Charlie Parr
09:30pm Victor Wainwri…
10 Places to Shop Locally in Downtown Billings
Are you ready for the holidays? It's only the week of Thanksgiving and I'm already being asked that. No, I'm not read; haven't even started yet.
You can park downtown in one of the decks, so you won't have to scrape your windows.  All 10 places listed below are within wa…
A Horse Is A Horse, Of Course Of Course
It took just over a week for the downtown Billings Association to remove 4 custom painted fiberglass horse statues from downtown after security cameras revealed drunks and other rabble rousers attempting to mount the stationary steeds.

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