Brooding or Nesting?
I recently went to mow the lawn and as I was cleaning up miscellaneous stuff off the grass prepping for the big job, I noticed I had a resident living under my tree in my front yard.
Want To Hunt In Montana? Learn the Rules
My back yard is infested with ducks. Lovely, delicious ducks. Seeing them out there on a daily basis often makes me think of hunting. Although I have eaten many a meal that was shot and brought home, I have never actually been hunting. Since I am a firm believer that everyone should be able to be se…
Police Officers Rescue Ducklings for Nervous Mother Duck
What would you do if you saw a duck pacing back and forth and quacking nervously? (We'd probably be really confused -- what's a duck doing in our living room??) Fortunately, the police and animal control officers in the video above were able to make sense out of the situation, and rescue a…