fire danger

Either There Is Or There Isn’t
Stage 2 fire restrictions are now in place for Yellowstone County.  It includes the ban on internal combustion engines between 1 pm and 1am.  Thats dumb. Either its a fire danger or it isn't.
Dry is dry and do you really want people mowing their grass at 2 in the morning...
Fire Danger
It’s not a question of if, it’s a question of when.
You can start planning for fires now with water tanks, hoses, fire guards etc.  Start now.  It’s better to assume you are going to have a fire and be ready but not get one than the alte…
Critical Fire Weather Today In Montana
The chance for more wild fires or worsening wild fires is critical today.  Please take care when you're out and about.  Be responsible so we don't lose any more of our state to this devastation.