Who’s Got Your Favorite Tacos In Billings
It's National Taco Day and I thought it would be a nice to give a shout out to my favorite place to get Tacos in Billings. The problem is picking a favorite. Honestly, it kind of depends on my mood, but I can definitely share my top picks:
How To Turn A Disgusting Vegetable Into A Delicious Treat
I'm not sure where okra ranks in popularity in the U.S., but I can't imagine it's anywhere near the top of the list. It doesn't have a lot of flavor and it's slimy....Good to thicken a gumbo, but not so good to snack on. So, how do you make it delicious? Bread it and fry …
Childhood Foods You Still Eat
Unless you have a hatred of tomatoes or an imaginary gluten intolerance, you might enjoy this childhood favorite of mine. My guess is that it was born on one of those nights where someone didn't want to go to the store and just whipped up a few things from the pantry. Here is how to make it p…
Meet McDonald’s Newest Employees
Today was the first time I used one of these kiosks to place an order at McDonald's. At this time, there is still what appears to be a full staff of people at the registers, but I'm guessing the end game is to eliminate those people on the front line. This kind of stuff upsets some peopl…
Best Authentic Mexican Food In Billings
The ambiance isn't fancy, so if you're looking for a private booth and a Mariachi band, it might not be what you're looking for, but it's simple and clean with some tasty eats. Perfect for a quick breakfast or lunch.
Yes I Can
I still think it's important to not let these old school methods die out or associate them with "Doomsday Preppers". When I was growing up, many members of my family got the bulk of their food from their own garden. They weren't "prepping" for anything, it was just pa…
Costco Food Court Ditching Some Items for Healthier Choices
I don't know what percentage of Billings this will affect, but based on the crowd I typically encounter at the Costco food court, I'd say it's a significant number. Costco announced that they will be getting rid of some of their staple items (like the Polish dog and the chocolate fro…
Favorite Fried Chicken In Billings
Today is National Fried Chicken Day which prompted me to do a one question survey around the office:

Who's got the best fried chicken in Billings?
Outdoor Dining In Red Lodge
I was supposed to eat at the Red Box Car, but as it happens every time, the place had a line that was just too much for me. Now, a long line is a great testimony for a restaurant and I'm not complaining, but I just couldn't hang knowing that there was some allegedly great Mexican food jus…
Big Dilemma
My biggest dilemma next Monday is do I want to eat French, Italian or Mexican food first. That's about the most pressing issue you have if you go on the Flakes trip.
Hope the weather is great for all of you while we are gone. Be back soon with stories and memories from Mexico...
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Have you noticed how much more you eat when it gets cold?  Not your fault, it takes more calories to generate the heat your body needs.  I've been hungry for a week straight and you can hardly keep enough hay out for cows right now.
I know it will be much warmer in 20 days th…

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