Prime Rib at Pug’s Follow Up
Based on some recommendations from friends and coworkers, I decided to check out Pug Mahon's Friday night prime rib special. As I said in my last post about prime rib, flavor is somewhat of a given. Some are definitely better than others, but if you're going to offer prime rib at a Monta…
First Visit To Well Pared
If you're looking for a healthy menu in downtown Billings, I definitely recommend checking this place out. The staff was great, the ingredients tasted fresh and the prices were more than fair. That's enough to bring me back.
Best Prime Rib In Billings?
I don't think I've ever had a bad Prime Rib in Montana. I mean, if you're going to serve a bad Prime Rib, Montana isn't the place to do it. You will definitely get called out on it. So really the question may be about value and sides.
What’s For Christmas Dinner?
Last year I was going to make a Prime Rib for Christmas dinner, but ended up attending a dinner at someone else's home instead of cooking. This year, I'm thinking Prime Rib. Growing up, it was traditionally ham, but I'm not much of a ham guy. The scary part is, I've never actu…
Kentucky Christmas Treats – Bourbon Balls
After doing a little survey around the station, I realized that these things aren't too popular in Montana. As a matter of fact, NO ONE I work with has ever had one. Unless you have an aversion to alcohol, I recommend you try them out this year.
Montana Stocking Stuffer Coming Soon
If you or someone you love is the kind of person that puts ranch on everything from pizza to spaghetti (yes, that's a real thing) then you may be interested in the new holiday edition of Hidden Valley Ranch.

As of December 3rd, you can purchase a huge 1.75 liter bottle of ranch from the Hidden…
Chicken And Waffles Now In Billings
I've mentioned Chicken and Waffles to people before and usually get either a bewildered look or some sort of disgust expressed; however, for those in the know chicken and waffles go together just fine.
Oreos: Brown or Black
If you asked me what color an Oreo was, I would say black, but apparently there are thousands who would say "brown". Brown? Really? When is the last time you saw a brown and white dog named Oreo.
Iowa Food In Montana
Yesterday I had lunch at Uber Brew downtown and saw one of these on the menu. I had to give it a shot. Their pork tenderloin is meant to be spicy, so it didn't taste the same, but the sandwich with a cup of their cheddar ale soup made for a tasty lunch. Highly recommended. If you're an…
Free Taco on November 1st Thanks to Mookie
Mookie Betts stole a base last night in game one of the World Series and Taco Bell is now obligated to give everyone in America a free Doritos Locos Taco. According to the promotion, the taco is to be claimed on 11/1 between 2 and 6 p.m. local time.
Who’s Got Your Favorite Tacos In Billings
It's National Taco Day and I thought it would be a nice to give a shout out to my favorite place to get Tacos in Billings. The problem is picking a favorite. Honestly, it kind of depends on my mood, but I can definitely share my top picks:

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