5 Good Reasons to Set Goals
It’s been said that nobody ever accomplished anything worth accomplishing without first setting a goal. Goal-setting has been a valuable tool for everybody from billionaire businessmen to All-Star athletes. Heck, goal-setting even helped put men on the moon.
Surely a little goal-setting can help me w…
The “Spartacus” Workout Kicked My Butt
If you've been reading my blog then you know I've been on a workout routine for the last month and a half now. When I started I was 242 lbs. and now I'm 225. Problem is that it seems like I've been at 225 lbs. for the past week. It's weird because whenever I've started …
If You Work Out Less You Get Stronger Faster
I know it seems counter-intuitive but I've found that more days between workouts is more effective than working out the same muscle group every other or even every third day. Our company provides us with memberships to Billings Athletic Club and I've been taking advantage.
Friends Don’t Torture Friends Trying To Lose Weight
In the continuing drama of me trying to get in better shape I'm now down to 233 lbs. from a high of 244 right after Christmas. For reference I'm 6'2". I've been doing great avoiding most fried foods (I'll admit to the occasional French fry) but, combined with calories burned off from cardio, I'…
People Trying To Lose Weight Need Your Support
As I've mentioned on this blog I've been working out for 16 straight days now. While I have the occasional 3 beer night I've been pretty good to watch what I've been eating. If I'm going to have an iced mocha I make sure it's a skinny one, Dry toast with one egg fried i…
Not All Green Smoothies Taste The Same
So if you've been reading this blog you know I've been working out like a fiend during the last week. I've been eating healthier (ice cream and cookies have always been my downfall) and cut my daily average calorie count to about 1600.

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