No Reason
Now that we are approaching the holidays, there is no excuse not to be working. Everyone needs help and we're talking good paying jobs. We have made it too easy for people not to work.
If you are physically capable then you should be working...
Hallmark Has Released Their Holiday Movie LineUp
You know it's almost Halloween when we start seeing Christmas everything! But who the heck cares?! We all know that the holiday season starts when the Hallmark channel comes out with all their new movies for the season! So, grab some hot apple cider, a warm blanket and get set for October 28th …
Family Gatherings For The Holidays
It seems like I HATED the family gatherings when I was little kid. Christmas was OK, because we got all those cool presents. But, having to deal with all of those relatives that you only see 3 or 4 times a year was weird. And when I was young, everybody still smoked and the fog in our…
‘Tis The Season For a Flood of Job Openings in Billings
As we celebrate Labor Day, a day set aside to celebrate workers' contributions to this country's well-being, it is worth noting that here in Billings, we have an unemployment rate of just under 3 percent.
That's a pretty impressive number, but for those who are out of work and looking, here are a cou…
Today Is National High Five Day
President Obama marked National High Five Day by posting a picture of himself high-fiving Vice-President Biden. Perfectly acceptable if they actually had something to celebrate, but

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