Lori At CJ’s
I truly appreciate a sense of humor from people that you randomly meet. So, yesterday my girlfriend and I met up for lunch at CJ's on the west end. We both like the salad bar, and many choices that they have for lunch.
I ordered salad bar and a brisket sandwich...
Wilson Humor
This picture fits so many things that I find funny. I want to put this on the "Billings Reckless Drivers" page on Facebook. I would say that this driver was "All Over The Road". And rather than get mad, I decided to "Roll With It".
Pa dum pum...
Cows And Wilson Humor
This is a picture of some cows we got in the middle of when my daughter and I were headed to Great Falls a couple of weeks ago.
The cows were getting moved to a different pasture and they had to move em down the highway, which is just part of living in Montana...
10 Belly Flop GIFs to Improve Your Summer
Ahh, summer. 'Tis the season of watermelon art, diving fails and-- you guessed it-- belly flops. When we were kids, this pool move was awesome. But nowadays... who are we kidding? It's still (painfully) awesome!
The Best Online Card Sites for Mother’s Day
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