Running with Safety: Tips for Running Smart
Last Wednesday night, I decided to take advantage of the warm evening air and go for a run. About a mile in, I came upon another runner who was on the other side of the road, running in the same direction. As we exchanged strides, I began to wonder if I was on the right side of the road. My question…
Montana Moms Photo Contest
May 13 is dedicated to mothers everywhere, and we want to show that Montana Moms are some of the toughest people in the country!
Send us a photo of your mother taking putting that buck in the crosshairs, hiking with the family, throwing back a few beers, riding the Harley or any other rough n&CloseCu…
Payton Manning Joining the Denver Broncos
The rumors have swirled for quite some time about what would happen to Payton Manning after he was cut from the Colts.  Wonder no more, because ESPN is reporting that Manning is headed to Denver to join the Broncos.
Enter the Soirée Star Musical Shootout!
We're looking for the best bands under the big sky to perform at Alberta Bair's Wild West Soirée!
From March 15 through May 12, we'll be collecting music from bands and musical acts throughout the area.  Starting on May 16, our viewers will be able to vote for their favorit…
You Found Him!
Congratulations, you found the lucky leprechaun, and are now eligible to win a $100 gift certificate from The Granary!  Just fill out the entry form below and you'll be registered to win!
Be sure to visit The Granary's website.  Thanks for playing...

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