Lake Elmo

Let The Boys Fish
Saturday was too nice of a day to pass up. The first time in awhile that the sun was shining, temps were up and the fishing poles were itching to find some water.
Lake Elmo No Bite Turns Into Full Swim
It was a busy week last week so we felt it would be good to grab the poles and take the kids over to Lake Elmo to do a little fishing.
First we came across a few friends.
As we walked up I was thrilled to see a ton of fish swimming all along the shore line...
I Went On An 18 Mile Bike Ride This Weekend
Once again I have to thank the Downtown Billings Association for loaning me a sweet Cannondale 24-speed bike from their ongoing Loan-A-Bike program. It is a lot like taking a book out of the library... you give them some information and they will loan you a bike free of charge (unless you fail to re…