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Billings Traffic Didn’t Come Close!
When it comes to being stuck in traffic, Billings is a GREAT place to be. I know, the MetraPark area can be a struggle at times but none of it compares to what others deal with on a daily basis.
No surprise here... A story from USA Today says Los Angeles is the worst city in the world for traffi…
Billings Has Literally Hit the Road
As a former truck driver, this excites me. I would be honored to drive one of these rigs to promote our fine city, Billings, Montana!
Here's a picture of my old rig to show I am not kidding:
Well, Visit Billings has joined with Diversified Transfer and Storage (DTS) in rolling out five wrapped semi-tr…
What is Billings Obsessed With?
I guess you could say that I am still fairly new to town but I'm quickly learning my way around. If you find me asking questions, it's because I am wanting to know all I can about the Magic City as I plan to live here for a very long time and make this my home...