Mark Wilson

What If We Built Billings Now?
The majority of American cities and towns are located where they are due to their close proximity to water and/or railroads. But, let's pretend that we were all just given this land where we live now, and it had nothing on it anywhere and we would get to place all of the buildings and even add …
National Left Handers Day
I'm not left handed, but my brother was and my niece is. And I see that both Paul McCartney and Phil Collins are as well.
I'm curious. Is it still a "Right Handed World?" Or, has the internet made it possible for you "Lefties" able to get what you need...
Golf Courses Are Like Women
I was just thinking about how you can compare a golf course to a woman after my round at Briarwood yesterday.
Lets say that both are very attractive. And at the start of the round yesterday, it reminded me of when you first start dating a gal...
Seths Sweet Corn Is Back
If you've listened to us for any length of time then you know my affinity for music trivia, Sheryl Crow and corn on the cob.
And one of best spots to get some corn is from Seth's Sweet Corn located at 5443 Hesper Road.
He's open today until 6 pm...
Flakes Bar Name
If Paul & I opened up a bar, we would need a great name for it. We took your suggestions. Here they are.
The 189th, The Damned Truth, Whackers & Stackers, Get A Haircut, Straight Shooter, Flakes Cold Service Tavern, Buck Em Saloon, Wilsons Watering Hole, Fast & Furious, Flakes…
Gun Smoke
Today's blog comes from our weekend camping trip. I was just standing there with my pistol and my girlfriend says "Point it at the campfire. Gun Smoke. There's a blog for you."
You're welcome.
What A Week!
Let's look back at our week on the air, just in case you missed something.
David Crosby calls EVERY ABBA song "Dog poop", That's called a "Greece Fire", Paul thought that I was comparing him to a horses back side, The Simpson cartoon is being attacked as …
Whats YOUR song?
I like more kinds of music than most and my family is pretty used to what I play on our home stereo. But, yesterday I was playing "All My Life" by the Foo Fighters. And my daughter looked at me funny and asked "WHAT is this?!"
So, all of you country fans out there,…
We Helped Buy A Wheelchair Today.
Our show today was different than what it normally is. We wanted to raise enough money for a custom wheelchair for a young man injured in a motorcycle accident.  His insurance would pay for the "basic" wheelchair, but no more.
We asked for roughly $ 5000...
Best At Work Perk
Whats something at your place of employment that is above and beyond what an average employer does for its employees? I'm not referring to health insurance or 401 K. I'm talking about something apart from that.
When we first started here in 1988, our GM made sure that all of the on air staf…
I have Too Many….
What's yours? What do you have too many of?
I know I'm overstocked on some things like golf balls, tennis shoes and coolers. But, one thing that I never thought I'd be overstocked on is chicken broth. Yes, really.
I'll be grabbing groceries and think "I'd better get o…

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