Montana Gets ‘Real ID’ Extension
Luckily, I have a passport but not everyone is so lucky. Those licenses are spendy!! Might as well just get a passport and call it good.... But I understand they're very necessary for making sure our country stays safe.  Happy for this extension because it would take quite the effort to ge…
What Technology Can You Not Live Without?
The world is full of it and it's only going to get more full of it. Technology. It's everywhere. From our phones to our refrigerators to our cars. Everything is run by a computer and in a lot of cases can be controlled by our phones. Craziness...
5 Reasons Montana Is Underrated
Montana has a lot to offer and most of the time we don't get the credit we deserve. Take one step into the Treasure State and you'll understand why it is so amazing.

Montana is for badasses

Even Google says so!

We are deep in history

From dinosaur bones being unearthed to the Pi…
3 Awesome Montana Date Ideas
One thing about dating in Montana is whether you are just starting out or have been together a long time, there is always something fun and exciting to do in this state.
If you are trying to impress that girl, we have you covered. Trying to rekindle the fire...
What Was Your Worst Summer Job?
Summer is here and there are a large number of kids in Billings that are looking for a job to get them through to school in the Fall.
This takes me back to when I was a kid. Summer was a time for me to earn a little extra money to get the things I wanted and needed and also a time to put a little awa…
I Really Hate Wasps
Yesterday evening we were at home when one of my kids came running in the house yelling at me to come outside. As I went outside I saw something that I really despise. Wasps...and a lot of them.
Apparently they had built a nest inside of the siding on my house and somehow it came loose and fell onto …
Are You Ready For Summer?
I remember as a kid not being able to wait until it was summer. We craved the hot weather and being able to be in the water what seemed to be non-stop.
Whether it be a slippy slide, pool, creek or the river, we were there until our hands were prunes or until mamma came yelling for us to come home...
The King Of Procrastination
I tell ya, I have to be the worst when it comes to procrastinating things and I hate that about me.
It seems more and more I have so much to do that I scramble to get what has to be done right this minute done and then push everything else to the very bottom of the stack...
What’s the Roughest Road in Billings?
Like a lot of people in Billings, I drive a pickup. One thing about pickups is they are not the softest of rides when going down the highway. The newer they are the better they get but they still don't cushion things like a car.
Last evening I took a back way home...

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