Montana Memorial Day Fishing
We have a lot to be thankful for in this nation of ours. We have so many freedoms that many others do not.
One of those freedoms is the ability to load up the family, find a fishing hole and drop a line. This is something that I have enjoyed since a I was a small kid and something that my children no…
I Prefer Older Cartoons [Opinion]
Yep, I am still a kid at heart. I love to sit down with my kids and watch cartoons. In fact, I get just as much fun out of them as they do.
I attribute this to my childhood. When I was a kid, we had three TV channels at my house and the only time to watch cartoons was on Saturday morning...
Unnecessary Pain in Billings
Early this morning, 3:31 a.m., I wake up with the thought of being thirsty. I get up, walk towards the kitchen to get myself a glass of water and that's when it happened.
The pain, oh, the pain.
I screamed, waking the whole house. "What is wrong...
Being a Kid Again in Billings
As we grow into adults and get into our hustle and bustle of work life, it's easy to for us to forget our carefree, fun-loving life we had as a kid.
I forgot how much I had given up until this last weekend.
My oldest son came to me Sunday and asked if I would like to play football with him in the…
A Sweet Find in Billings
There was a candy my wife and I had as kids that we loved, but growing into adulthood they seemed to just disappear. Over time we just kind of forgot about them until we went into Candy Town USA on the West End and were reminded of what we had lost...
Lucky Find? [Opinion]
I have moved all over this country, into various houses and the most interesting thing I have ever found upon a move in was a broken kid's toy.
I'm sure if I dug harder there might be more, but quite frankly I'm too lazy to start digging and I am definitely not tearing down walls or br…
Are You a Risk Taker? [VIDEO]
In my teens to early 20's, my friends and I tried all sorts of things that were probably not the wisest ideas in the book. Fortunately enough, we all lived to tell the stories.
From jumping from one pickup to another at 65 mph, to literally jumping our pickups, we had enough as young adults, or …
Is Billings A Dog OR Cat Town?
It's the old question, are you a dog or cat person?
This one question at times seems to divide people. Crazy, huh?
I used to profess my dislike for cats. I thought dogs were the only way to go. They appreciate you when you get home, they seem to love you to the end with no questions asked and so …
A Little Tough Parenting Done Right [Opinion]
Raising kids is not easy. In this day and age it seems to be getting only harder. Technology that some would say make our jobs as parents more easy has only put our children more at risk.
What bothers me is when I see a parent give in because they don't want to deal with the confrontation...

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