3 Reasons Not To Apologize
Everyone makes mistakes. We're human, we're supposed to mess up. Apologize and move on.The fact remains that there are a lot of things that we do that we can't help so the apology really isn't necessary.
Is Winter Refusing To Leave?
Just when it turns sunny and warms up, it turns right around and slams us again. It's almost like Mother Nature keeps hitting the snooze button on the Spring alarm.
Montana Lost It’s Freedom Of Speech?
If you hang out in Montana for any period of time, you quickly realize that we have our beliefs and we stand by them no matter what. Our freedom is cherished. It's hard to believe, but there was a time that if you spoke your mind in this state, you wound up behind bars.
Duct Tape Fixes Everything
At my age, I have used Duct Tape to fix many things. When you're a guy, it can come in handy to fix many things. If you are a redneck guy like myself, Duct Tape can fix even more.
Rid Billings Of One Thing
I have sat back and thought that if I could rid Billings of one thing, what would it be? That question for me was much harder than I thought it would be.
Montana’s Most Binge Watched Show
Taking a weekend with a ton of soda and chips while binge watching our favorite show seems to be a pretty normal thing from time to time. I mean, who has the patience to wait until next week to catch the next episode right? It almost seems better to wait until the season is over and then watch the w…

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