Your Life Movie, Who Is Playing You?
My wife has been getting into these life movie shows lately. You know, movies about actual people and what their life was about. Stuff like that. I honestly don't know if she is on a history kick or diving into self improvement.
What Do You Want From Your Faucet?
We were sitting down to dinner last night when one of my sons said something that I had once thought of. He said he wished he could turn on our kitchen sink and have Root Beer come out. I told him that I agreed but would much rather have Mountain Dew.
I Was Wrong, Are You Too?
My wife and I were going through Facebook and came across this article. There's a list of phrases in this. Ironically, I have been using most of these in the wrong way all of my life.
Craziest Thing You Have Found In Your Car?
I guess it's not too uncommon to find something interesting in your car. Maybe you haven't cleaned it out in awhile and you come across something that you thought was long lost or didn't even know you had. Maybe you by a used car and somebody left something behind that is a little sho…
Let The Boys Fish
Saturday was too nice of a day to pass up. The first time in awhile that the sun was shining, temps were up and the fishing poles were itching to find some water.
Have You Ever Pulled A Sleep Prank?
Remember when we were kids and we had sleepovers? We never wanted to be the first to go to sleep because that meant something bad would happen. Hand in warm water to make you pee the bed...drawing on your face...the possibilities were endless.
Take This Montana Lakes Road Trip!
The weather is getting better and it's pretty much time to start taking those weekend warrior road trips! One of the best is the Montana Lakes Road Trip. If you like fishing, swimming, boating and lakeside lounging, then this is a good one to look into!
How Have You Gotten Out Of A Ticket?
Most of us have been there. In a hurry, speeding and then...lights flashing behind us. It's never fun. A fine, maybe points on your license and in some cases...jail time. That's not always the case though, sometimes a simple warning does the trick. So how do you get out of a ticket?
Weird Things Your Pet Is Eating
My son wasn't feeling well at dinner the other night so he didn't finish his salad. Instead of saving it or throwing it away, he decided to feed it to the cats. Lettuce, carrots, tomatoes and more topped with ranch dressing.

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