Let’s Rodeo!
Saddle up and get ready for some exciting Rodeo action during the 85th annual Home of Champions Rodeo in Red Lodge, Montana This Thursday, Friday and Saturday.
How To Throw A 4th Of July Block Party
Do you know what to do in order to throw a 4th of July Block Party?  Well, I'm not a "Pro" myself, but I have had a little bit of experience in the party area.  That makes me an expert doesn't it?
My Daughter’s Sweet 16!
So, today was a landmark day for me.  My oldest child, a beautiful, smart and funny girl,    turned her "Sweet 16"!  Holy moly I am getting old!
What On Earth Is This?
So, I'm walking into work the other day and I saw this on the ground in the parking lot.  It's scared the #@! out of me as I almost stepped right on it.   At first, I thought it was "Gonna Get Me"!

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