Country Music Artists Going “Gaga”.
I just read an article on about Taylor Swift at the Brit Awards Show where she was a nominee for the international female solo artist. She  performed as well and looked a mite bit like Beyonce, in my opinion.
My Pictures From The Carrie Underwood Concert.
Carrie Underwood and Hunter Hayes were awesome last night!  I took my daughter to the concert and we had a blast!  Although our seats were a little higher than we would have liked, we could hear the music perfect and had a great(although high) view of the show.
Valentine’s Day And The Story Behind It.
Well it seems I might have to revamp my feelings on Valentine's Day after all.  I did a little bit of research(really quite minimal) and found an actual romantic story behind one of my most disliked holidays.
Where’s The Best Wings In Billings?
The big game is right around the corner and it has me wondering "Where should I get my chicken wings?".  In case you didn't know, I have a chicken wing problem.  I love them.  I love chicken and I love sauce.  Put them together and for me, it's pure he…
Family And Friends.
Thank goodness for friends.  Without them where would we be?  I lost a friend of mine today that brought back the loss of one of my own, very best friends.  My older brother.

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