Road Songs
It must have something to do with the nice weather today. I've heard from a lot of people who would rather hop in their vehicles and go for a drive than be at work today.
My drive starts with Elvis' version of "The Promised Land:. The I'd play some Sheryl Crow "Steve …
School House Rock
Back when I was a kid, a couple of people had the idea to help teach kids about multiplication. They thought, if they wrote some catchy tunes about it, kids would learn. It worked.
Bob Dorough has passed away at 94. He wrote all and sang most of the original songs...
Whose Music Don’t You Get?
I announced that I had heard a rumor  that Pearl Jam would be playing a concert at Washington-Grizzly Stadium in August of this year. Which, for me is a non-factor, because I'm not a Pearl jam fan. It's not that I dislike them, I just am not familiar with much of their music
Magic City Blues
Magic City Blues festival is Tonight and Saturday in downtown Billings.  It marks the 16th year of a variety of music.  I've got the schedule below for you.
AN 18+ SHOW (bring your i.d.) | Gates open at 5pm
Stillwater Stage
05:30pm Gladys Friday
07:30pm Charlie Parr
09:30pm Victor Wainwri…
Music At Ripley’s
One of the display areas at Ripley's Believe it Or Not in Newport, OR that we went to, had a display area that focused on music.
While I don't have a picture of either "The World's smallest working violin" or the pin with all 4 Beatles faces painted on it, I DO have a…
Give Us Your Opinion And Get In To Win Eric Church Tickets
As a listener of Cat Country 102.9 and a fan of country music, your opinion is valuable. You should have your say in the direction of country music and this is the way to make your voice heard.
When you take the survey linked below, you are not only shaping the future of country music, but you're als…
Listening Elsewhere
Look, I know that you do it. It's alright. I understand. You listen around, don't you. See. I knew it.
So which one is it? Pandora? i-tunes? Spotify?
This is just kind of an informal survey because our bosses are always telling us how these music providers are such big competition...
What Do You Want To Hear?
Eric Church's song "Record Year" was the most played song on country radio in America last week. Mr. Church is about as hot as an act can get right now.
Chris Stapletons "Traveler" album is the biggest album to come along on the country charts is quite a while…
A Great Setup For Outdoor Parties
We recently had a large outdoor party at our house and one thing that we thought we needed was some music. We contacted the Firefly Outdoor Movie Company and they brought out an awesome system that hooked right up to our phones and I-pods...
As my mother used to say, "Turn that noise down!" I was at Alive After 5 last week and was enjoying visiting with friends and having a few of those 5 dollar beers on a nice evening. But, by about 6:30, the band had their music turned up so loud that people in our group couldn'…
Carrie Underwood Tonight
The reason that I work on the radio in the first place is because I love the music. And I'm excited to be attending tonight. I like Carrie Underwood and think she has one of the best voices in the business along with the knack for picking great songs...
Last Chance to Pick the Music
Without you, the listener, there would be no Cat Country 102.9. We keep this in mind with every decision we make. No matter how much or how little you listen, you are important.
Cat Country wants your help in picking the music we play...

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