Beer 30 Weekly Wrap Up
Below are the drinking songs we played on Beer 30 this week. You may notice that more than one of the songs comes from Toby Keith... it's my belief that without Toby Keith Beer 30 wouldn't exist because he has at least 10 Top 20 hits about beer or bars just since 2000...
Eric Church to Debut New Music at the 2013 CMA Awards?
Does the video tease Eric Church released to his fan club have anything to do with reports that he's planning to debut new music at the 2013 CMA Awards? For almost a year, the 'Springsteen' singer has been giving fans subtle updates on the progress of his new album, and now it seems p…
Beer 30 Weekly Recap
Is there anything better than a tall, frosty brewski? I think not and every weekday at 5 we celebrate the golden nectar of the gods in song. Here are the tunes you missed if you weren't listening to Beer 30 this week:
Monday 10/7 - Garth Brooks & George Jones "Beer Run"…
Ever Had An Ear Worm?
Have you ever have a song in your head that keeps repeating over and over? That’s called an ear worm. This morning when I got out of the shower I was joined by Tom T. Hall and his song “30 Cents For a Gallon of Gas”. And it’s all because of…
Can You Help A Farmer Out?
Every morning the Farmer gets to pick a song on the show.
This morning he announced that he was going to invoke the power of music to bring moisture to the area. If you recall it was last May that Paul chose a few rain songs and on May 19th, the rain god had heard enough and granted us with some subs…
LeAnn Rimes Tickets? Yes Please!
Weird Wednesday is here…just in case you aren’t keeping track of the days this week. And for you this means a shot at winning tickets to see LeAnn Rimes at the TrailsEnd Concert Park in Sheridan next week.
Good Times At Jim Bridger Day
Plenty of good times coming up this weekend, at Jim Bridger Day!   This morning we heard about this event that offers plenty of fun for just about everybody in the family and is filled with good old fashioned summertime fun! Enjoy the parade, a demolition derby, a tasty barbecue, and the L…
Getting Geared Up For Alive After 5!
In Billings summer officially begins with "Alive After 5" which is the Downtown Billings Association weekly mixer which brings people from all over the Magic City together every Thursday evening at... let me think about this... oh yeah, 5pm!

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