New Netflix Instant Movies — July 2013
You don't have to go outside to enjoy the fireworks this July -- stay inside and check out some of what Netflix Instant has to offer with the latest movies added to their streaming service. Whether you want action, comedy, or drama, Netflix Instant has a little something for everyone.
Netflix’s ‘Hemlock Grove': Is Season 2 in the Cards?
With Netflix due to birth its much-heralded 'Arrested Development' reunion season this weekend, the streaming service's original series future seems brighter than ever. 'House of Cards' has already begun shooting a second season, and there's several new original offerings lined up in the coming mont…
‘The Killing’ Season 3: New Case Details and Photos!
June 2 will see the long-awaited debut of 'The Killing' season 3 on AMC, a prospect that few expected by this time last year given the mediocre critical reception and ratings. The new year for detectives Holder and Linden will start in a drastically different place, picking up an old case that conne…

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