Military Pay Is Sinful
It’s a crime what we pay members of our U.S. military.  Starting pay for an entry level e-class soldier is $1,567 per month.  That’s a little over 18,000$ per year.  That’s barely above poverty level and well below the median income of $…
Salary Not A Reason To be A Rotten Employee
Senator Jon Tester blamed The V.As failure to fill some openings with quality people on pay disparities. He’s full of crap. Just because your pay isn't as high as you would like is not an excuse to be a rotten employee. It should be the opposite, prove you are a great emplo…
10 Very Strange Jobs That Actually Pay Pretty Well
As kids, we typically had to listen to adults preach to us about how we needed to study hard in school to become doctors and lawyers.
However, what they didn’t tell us is that it was possible to earn six figures doing other, more unusual work.