What Do You Want To Hear?
Eric Church's song "Record Year" was the most played song on country radio in America last week. Mr. Church is about as hot as an act can get right now.
Chris Stapletons "Traveler" album is the biggest album to come along on the country charts is quite a while…
Beer 30 Playlist For The Week Of 6/3-6/7
As you may be aware (assuming you listen to my show :-)), every weekday at about 5:37 I play 2 drinking themed songs. Most of the time they are requests by you, my loyal listeners. Every once in awhile I play a personal favorite. They range from the humorous to the sad to country party anthems (like…
Drinking Songs Coming Up At Beer 30 (About 5:38)
Kentucky Headhunters - Dumas Walker
Freddy Fender - Wasted Days Andy Wasted Nights
I'm on the air every weekday from 3-7 so feel free to call me anytime at 248-5665 with your favorite drinking songs. If I have it I'll play it at Beer 30...