School District 2

Aging Daylis
School district 2 officials say Daylis Stadium is in the need for some major repairs such as bleachers, rest rooms, locker rooms, etc.  How to pay for it. . . that's the question.  If you cut just 1 administration job you could save over 2...
Friday Night Lights
Does anyone out there know why School District 2 continues to schedule varsity football games on Friday afternoons?  It makes no sense at all.  Parents are working, people who want to go are working, the kids from the other school have to miss class time in order to get here...
Calling All Leprechauns In Billings
Being half Irish, I ,for one, love to celebrate St. Patty's Day and may I say that is is always nice to have your very own Leprechaun in the family.
Mom, dad, aunts, uncles and grandparents get ready to dress your little leprechaun up for a chance to win cash for your classroom...
Words that Hurt
Being a mom I am always reminding my children that how you act is extremely important and what you say is even more important.