snow in Billings

Enough Already
Ok, we set a new record. So, now can we have a little Spring, please? I'm looking forward to some sun and green grass and checking my wells again.
This weather will test your will, patience and resiliency. A sign of better times ahead starts Monday at 5...
A Job Well Done
I think the road crews have done a great job over the last few weeks keeping the roads navigable. Finally, this weekend, sunshine and 30s. Get some sleep guys, you know we are going to need you again. Good job, see ya Monday at 5..........
Have You Heard of the Farmer Network?
This morning the Farmer peeled back the curtain and shared some real inside Farmer information.
My hope is that he has not started another fad. If the use of Facebook and Twitter starts to go down, I bet you can point directly at Paul as the cause...that and the Farmer Network.