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5 Best Super Bowl Commercials Of All-Time
In my humble opinion these are the 5 best Super Bowl commercials of all time. Click on the titles to watch.
#5. E-Trade
#4. Career Builder "Monkeys"
#3. Bud Light "Dog Bites N$#@*"
#2. Herding Cats
#1. Go Daddy "Nerd Kiss"
The Best Super Bowl 2013 Memes
Last night's Super Bowl was certainly eventful. What with the power outage and the Beyonce's thighs, there were many jokes to be made. And joke the internet did. Some took to Twitter, others prefer more visual tactics. Here is their work. The best Super Bowl XLVII memes on the web.
Twitter Thinks Bane Caused the Super Bowl XLVII Blackout
We're going to pretend all of these people are hilarious and not morons. When the 2013 Super Bowl was delayed by a power outage, most people took it as a chance to actually talk to the people at their football party. These people decided to make jokes on Twitter that the half hour of darkness w…

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