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Can’t Wait For Halftime!
Beyonce Knowles is easy on the eyes and one of the many reasons I'm excited to watch the Super Bowl tomorrow! Maybe next year it can be Carrie Underwood and the year after Jana Kramer... somebody pinch me.
XII Super Bowl Fun Facts in One Handy Infographic
If your excitement for Super Bowl XLVII this Sunday stems more from a love of chili than a love of football (which is tooootally fine, by the way), here are some facts for you (in handy infographic form!) about the big game and the Super Sunday game to end all games in general. Learn them and you mi…
Super Bowl Traditions
With kickoff to the "Big Game" only 5 days away I've been thinking about what to serve at my Super Bowl party. While surfing the web I ran across this beauty... it's called a "Snackadium"! Obviously whoever erected this masterpiece is the Frank Lloyd Wri…
Fortune-Telling Camel Predicts Ravens Will Win Super Bowl
After Teddy the talking porcupine correctly predicted the winner of the 2012 Super Bowl, we decided never to scoff at a fortune-telling animal again. So, when we heard that a clairvoyant camel had peered into the future and determined the winner of this year's game, we were all ears.
8 Memorable Super Bowl Halftime Shows [VIDEOS]
During Sunday’s Super Bowl, Madonna will take center stage for the halftime show. She’s working with the famous acrobat troupe Cirque du Soleil on a concept for the gig, but only time will tell if it’ll fly — or flop.
With that in mind, let&CloseC…

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