tax season

Extra Day
Since the IRS computers were down yesterday, you have an extra day to get your taxes done. So, for the 51% of Americans who pay federal income tax, the extra 24 hours may help.
Never forget that Jon Tester thought that you 51% are not paying enough and he didn't vote for this years tax cuts...
Free Pens
The best thing about tax time for me is the free pen I get from my accountant.  The ink is that really bright blue that doesn't run or spot.  It has a real fine line that I really like too.  In fact it's the only thing I like about tax season...
Tax Deadline Is Almost Here!
April 15th is coming up this Monday.  Are your taxes done?  Do you know what you need if you are mailing them in?  What if you're not ready, what then?  Well, I've got a few tips that may be able to help!