Nobody Rides For Free
There was a proposal by the county to add a 2 cent per gallon gas tax to your bill to help pay for road maintenance for motorized and NON MOTORIZED vehicles.  The answer should be hell no.
First of all anyone who operates a wheeled mode of transportation should have to be licensed...
Failed Levies
Billings tax-payers turned down the mill levy request by school district 2 yesterday. It wasn't because they said NO to's because they are wanting more fiscal responsibility out of school district 2; making cuts to unnecessary positions and a little belt tightening...
Researcher Propose Higher Tax on Sugary Beverages
As obesity continues to plague the United States, many states have imposed a tax cost on some of the products that contribute to unhealthy weight gain, like soda. But experts believe that the current sales tax isn’t high enough to truly impact health and weight loss.