Top 3 Things We Miss Because Of Technology
It seems like yesterday...having a penpal, sending a letter or postcard or even remembering phone numbers by heart are just a few things that we used to do...then technology took over.
A new survey asked people to name the things that have been replaced by technology that they miss the most...
This Is Real: Get Personal Info For Free Here
Over the past few weeks I've seen the occasional post on Facebook about this website and never clicked because I assumed it was some type of cleverly devised spam.
Today I decided to go check it out and it's legit.  This website, familytreenow...
I've got a smartphone, but I certainly don't need one. The old flip phone worked just fine for me. But, my contract was up and my sales person was good, and the next thing I know, boom, smartphone owner.
So now, the new i-Phone SEVEN comes out today and people around the country are lining …
Has Technology Really Made Our Lives Better?
It's conventional wisdom that computers and modern technology have raised our collective standard of living. In some instances there is no argument. Computer models predicting severe weather, GPS's in our smart phones and (in my case) organizational tools like Outlook calendars have saved …
The New Apple Generation
Well I did it. I joined the new Apple generation over the weekend!
That’s right, I took the plunge and updated my I-Phone to the I07 thingy…I plugged it in and a few hours later I was in step with the rest of the world – a new operating system for my phone.
Talking or Texting
I prefer to text, not talk.  (I know, that's kinda lame for an air-personality.  It would be like putting satellite radio in my car!)
What I think of most, are my youngest kids.  I'm around them quite a bit and they can't even begin to think of a day without texting...