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The Weirdest Roadside Attraction – Weird Wednesdays
The Roadside Attraction has been a staple of American history and travel across the states. The creation of the interstate diminished their glory somewhat, but they still exist across the highways of our amazing country.
By far the strangest roadside attraction that's ever been erected is The Ho…
What is Cajun Country Music?
This morning we were discussing Country Music and the different sub genres. Paul asked what "Cajun Country" was. Well according to Wikipedia "Cajun Country" is one of the many off shoots of what is defined as "Cajun Country."
Wikipedia defines "Cajun Country" a…
The #1 Country Songs of The 1970s [VIDEO]
The Breakfast Flakes are taking a stroll down memory lane today. They're playing a collection of 1970s Country Music all morning on their show.
Starting @ 8:00am they will start taking requests. You can call into the studio at 406-248-5665...
Breakfast Flakes Bits [AUDIO]
After a short break, we're back! Today Paul had quite a bit to say about the spray painted directions that get plastered all over our streets any time there's a race in town.
Breakfast Flake Bits – The Dark Knight Rises
In case you have been under a rock for the last several months, the highly anticipated Batman movie, "The Dark Knight Rises" is to be released on Friday July 20th. Anticipation is very high, and everyone is very excited for it to finally be released. Well, almost everybody....

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