The Breakfast Flakes

What Is This?
There's one of these buggers in every bag of my jerky and I don't know what it is.
I certainly didn't order it. Come to think of it, I didn't ask for that cotton at the top of my Advil bottle either, but I got some anyway.
Wait a minute...
Live Water
One thing that ranchers appreciate is the abundance of water. I have always been jealous of guys that have live water year round. Well, I finally have some, but I never thought it would be like this. Careful what you wish for.......
Non Wavers
Who are you people? You "Non Wavers". I wave at anybody driving down the roads by our place, but not everybody waves back. Why not?
Troubles at home? Financial worries? What is it?
Heck, the Jeep owners even have a code called "The Jeep Wave"...
It Won’t Work
Now the city council is looking at a proposal to build multi-athletic facilities to attract more teams and events to Billings. It won't work.
To the tune of almost $60 million. Let me remind you that MetraPark was built in 1975 for $11 million and underwent a face lift 8 years ago for $27 millio…
Carnage on America’s Byways
I finally got healed up and went for a walk yesterday. I got to see all the new beer cans and liquor bottles left for us.
My picture was snapped as I had plenty of time to think during my hour plus walk.
So, do we feel sad for this newspaper's family...
5 Feet High and Rising
As you can see, I'm already having problems with runoff. It's only going to get worse this week, so, get ready. There is an old saying that water always wins and it's true. It will be over soon and green grass is on the way. Finally.......
Bay City Rollers
This goes back several years ago when Paul & I got on the topic of the band, the Bay City Rollers.
This was pre-Facebook and we got quite a few calls about folks from Great Falls, who were at their show at the grand stands at the fairgrounds in Great Falls in about 1978ish.
Pizza Night
Looks like Papa John's and I are friends again after they dropped their NFL sponsorship. So, tonight, it's Papa John's, NCAA basketball, and a good spot on the couch with my dog. Have a good weekend, see ya Monday at 5 unless FHD strikes again...
Toys R Us Closing
Time marches on and is now claiming another fatality, by closing Toys R Us.
I haven't shopped there in many years, but I still hate to see them go. I have taken nieces and nephews in there and let them pick out their own presents.
I bought Nintendo 64 games there 20 years ago...
School Protests
Now that school district 2 has established new protocol for student protests, how will they stop future violations of class attendance? Will it only depend on the cause and if it reflects their political mind set? Will the kids be able to walk out on 4/20, the nationally recognized holiday for …
King for a Day
There's a song called "King For Just One Day" by the Thompson Twins that led me to my blog topic today.
The premise is that you get to make whatever rules you deem necessary. They can be serious or not.
Here are mine. If I were king for just one day, I would:
Make it a law that s…
Billings area Albertsons stores have been remodeling and the store at 511 Central Avenue will hold the grand reopening this morning at 11 a.m.
The have remodeled the deli, produce area, meat department, and bakery. In addition, they've also expanded their beer cooler...

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