The Rims

The Overlook On The Rims
I'm sure that I missed the announcement, but when did the overlook (where you used to be able to park and check out the fair) get closed? It must have coincided with the bike path getting done up there.
Curious Why Nobody Cleared that With Me
You Know You Grew Up in Billings If …
Billings, nicknamed the Magic City, is the most populous city in Montana.
Everyone who visits here finds his or her own magic about the city, but those who grew up here were born with it and carry a little piece of it wherever they go.
The magic transcends far beyond the city's borders...
Finally Billings Turns Green!
While I am not new to Montana I am new to Billings as of six months ago (I spent part of my childhood in Great Falls and Havre). Up until a week ago, except for the odd couple of days when the snow actually stayed on the ground, Billings has been incredibly brown...
Montana Weather Is Insane
Seems like we're getting all 4 of our seasons in 4 days.By the end of last week high temps were pushing 70 degrees.
Last night it was raining and today we have nearly white out conditions as you can see from the photo above.
Normally we have a great view of jets landing at Billings-Logan Internat…