Is There Any Rule Concerning Equal Time?
As we once again approach one of the worst seasons in my existence, which is political season, I am wondering about equal time.
There's an opinion where a PSC hopeful is attacking a current member of the board criticizing his attendance and voting record...
What Time Does the Blake Shelton Concert Start?
The most anticipated concert event this year is finally happening this Friday, March 23, when Blake Shelton takes the stage at MetraPark with Dia Frampton and Justin Moore!  We want to make sure you get there in time to grab your beers and souvenirs, so we've collected all the info you&apo…
Reminder: Change Your Clocks
Spring ahead, no fall back, I don't know I get confused every time we have to do this...keep in mind it is time to spring ahead at 2 AM Sunday, March 13.