Delta Airlines Secret Cookie Stash
Recently I flew on Delta Airlines from Billings to Salt Lake City. I fly Delta often to visit family. Normally when their in-flight drink and snack service comes along they just give you pretzels with your drink.
Take The Trip Of Your Dreams Now
Too many people wait until it's too late to go after their dreams. They have bucket list after bucket list but never cross anything off. There's always some excuse. I would say go when you can. I've been fortunate enough to see Italy, Germany, Austria, France, Mexico & Hawaii.…
Win a Spot on the Flakes Trip!
You know when the party starts?  Why, when the Breakfast Flakes show up!  How would you like to win a spot on the Flakes big trip? You know it’s sold out right? Well Friday is the big kickoff at Surfer Joes. The event is from 5-7pm! We are doing a live remote and it's …
Flakes 2014 Tropical Escape
Are shrimp tacos your style? Then we have good news for you! It’s time for the 18th Annual Flakes 2014 Tropical Escape! It’s coming up Jan 25th -Feb 1st,  and that is just 5short months away folks!
Montana Valentine’s Day Getaways
Since Valentine's Day is on a Thursday this year, why not head out of town with your sweetie for a fun, romantic getaway?  We live and play in one of the most gorgeous states, so grab your babe and hit the road!  Take a weekend to enjoy the natural beauty that surrounds us...

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