Take Advantage Of The Tipsy Trolley Tonight
Wasn't that alliterative of me?! Seriously though, if you, like me, are one of the thousands of people that does not want to have to deal with driving with the holiday traffic tonight then enjoy yourself a cold brewski or two and one of Montana's finest craft breweries here in downtown Bil…
Night 1 Of The Beer Bus
Moments after I took this picture the line built up for the new trolley that connects Downtown's craft breweries. While a friend and I were enjoying some "Dog Slobber" at Angry Hank's on Friday night we observed a full trolley each time it passed by...
Honk Honk, Here Comes The Booze Bus!
Beginning April 26th and every Friday after that the Billings Trolley will operate a trolley that will connect all of downtown Billings craft breweries and distilleries on one line.
The route will travel between:

Angry Hanks (both locations)
Spirit of Montana Distilling
Yellowstone Valley Brewing Compan…