Creative Store Front
I love walking around downtown Billings. There's so much to see. Check out this cool store front display on the NW corner of Broadway and 2nd st.!
David Letterman Set to Break Late Night TV Record
CBS’s late night schedule is set for the next couple years. On Monday the network announced that ‘The Late Show’ host David Letterman and ‘The Late, Late Show’ headman Craig Ferguson have both had their contracts renewed through 2014.
When he completes his new contract, Letterman will have been a lat…
10 Famous Families That Deserve Reality Shows
Daniel Berehulak/Jordan Strauss/Gary Gershoff/Ian Gavan/Stephen Lovekin, Getty Images
Go ahead E!, make our day… by making Clint Eastwood's reality show. TMZ recently broke the news that this cinematic icon's family will soon be getting the Kardashian treatment. Plastic surg
The Top 10 TV Dads
So the first Monday of October is here, and it was today in 1960 that TV's "Andy Griffith Show" premiered.  Solving problems, sharing advice and smiling at the camera, TV sitcom dads are the idealized vision of what many American guys want to be - or wished they were.
Reba McEntire to Star in New TV Series, ‘Malibu Country’
Reba McEntire struck sitcom gold with her first series, the sensibly titled ‘Reba,’ which ran on the WB and CW networks from 2001-2007. She’s concentrated on her music career since ‘Reba’ left the air, releasing a trio of bestselling albums — including her most recent effort, 2010′s ‘All the Women I…
Best Brad Paisley TV Performances – Our Top Five
Brad Paisley's onstage charm extends beyond the road and even to his performances on awards shows and TV specials. Paisley overcomes the limits of the medium, showing off his singing and powerhouse guitar playing while continuing to prove himself one of the most likeable and engaging performers…
Billings’ Newest Way To Save!
The Billings Value Connection is the way to go! Starting Tuesday the 22nd, we have over $80,000 in items available as auction items and instant bargains! If you sign up before the auction starts on Tuesday, you will be eligible to win a 32" Panasonic flat screen TV! Click read more for deta…