I Quit
I took this picture yesterday while I was feeding my cows. He told me he doesn't want to represent America anymore. He's a symbol of strength and beauty and feels like we are letting him down.
I told him he is always welcomed here and there are some of us out there that still believe in Ame…
Shaun White
I expected more from Shaun White. This was his 4th Olympics. He's been there before. You don't yell "We F-ing did it!" 2 times on national television and drag and step on the flag while you celebrate.
If it was his first and he was 18 I could understand him being caught up…
How Could Team USA Lose To The Belgians?
I realize that soccer is about 18th on the priority list of most important sports to Americans but understand something... just shy of 320 million people live in the United States and only 11 million live in Belgium.
‘Psych’ Season 8: Mira Sorvino Replaces Maggie Lawson?
'Psych' will soon present what could be its last panel at Comic-Con 2013, debuting the long-awaited musical extravaganza episode along with the reveal of a fan-chosen plot for an upcoming episode, but so-called 'Psych'-O's have another major announcement to fawn over. Oscar-winner Mira Sorvino has j…

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