Take a Trip
I took last week off to spend some time in Florida with my family. Why? Because I could. I'm so busy this time of year, but you have to do things when you have the chance. So many things can change in the blink of an eye. Your health, your finances,your kid's lives, it's one of the mo…
How Do You Deal With Work And Kids When School Is Out?
Summer vacation is only weeks away and once again, working parents will have to make arrangements to juggle child care with their work schedule.
I thought I'd ask around the office to see if any of the other parents had any recommendations and two of them brought up The Boys And Girls Club...
What’s Your Craziest Vacation Story?
"Vacation," the continuation from Nation Lampoon, hits theaters this week! The gang is back as they do everything possible to have a good vacation, with everything going wrong as usual.
We've all been in their shoes at one point or another, either as kids with our parents or as…
Need A Vacation? Here Are The Signs
I recently returned from a weeks vacation and I'm already showing signs of needing another. While perusing an article on, I realized my vacation didn't accomplish what it was supposed to.
Is your job stressful? Are you white knuckling your computer mouse as your co-worker drones …
My Favorite Vacation Photo
I made my escape from Billings psychotic weather this past weekend (if Billings weather were a person it would be wearing a hockey helmet and live in a rubber room) and took advantage of the great one-way rates to Los Angeles
Damn This Weather!
So I had this grand plan to get out of Dodge this weekend. I'm a tournament poker player and the closest place that has regular poker tournaments (not like the once a month per casino that they're allowed to hold them here in Montana) is South Dakota...

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