Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day And The Story Behind It.
Well it seems I might have to revamp my feelings on Valentine's Day after all.  I did a little bit of research(really quite minimal) and found an actual romantic story behind one of my most disliked holidays.
10 Adorably Terrifying Valentines By Kids
Children's unfiltered honesty can be as heart-meltingly adorable as it is embarrassing. (What parent hasn't wished for an invisibility cloak after a loud proclamation by their child in the middle of the grocery store?) Valentine's Day gives kids a chance to put that honesty to good us…
Part One of 10 Unique Valentines Day Date Ideas
#10. Try the $20 challenge. You and your significant other leave the house with nothing but the clothes on your back, picture I.D. and a $20 bill and see how romantic you can get. When my wife and I were first dating I got a mickey of Captain Morgan, a bottle of pop and some red plastic cups from th…

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