Important Dates to Remember
There are a couple dates coming up that you need to remember.

On November 12th it's the flakes trip party, don't be late.
On November 11th it's veterans day, don't forget.
On November 14th thru the 19th its Flakesgiving week, we could use your help
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Voting vs Supporting
Donald Trump makes his way into Billings today and I don’t have to go. I know it’s an opportunity to see someone who could be the next President but there won’t be anything profound that comes out of today's rally. You'll hear about the …
Same Day Registration Doesn’t Create Problems In Montana
A couple of weeks ago I wrote a blog called "Voter Fraud In Montana Is A Hoax" (good luck finding even one conviction of voter fraud in the Treasure State) I argued against LR-126 which would have ended same day voter registration (voters decisively defeated the measure by the way)…
I Voted…Have You?
Well, I made it down to Metra Park and exercised my constitutional right to vote!  I even brought our DME(Digital Managing Editor)/Hawk Guy-JP with me too!