During this morning's Facebook Friends segment, Mark shared a hysterical list of text messages sent by old timers who are, clearly, out of the touch with the lingo.

Here's a few of our favorites:

"Your great aunt just passed away.  LOL"
"Why is that funny?"
"It's not funny, what do you mean?"
"LOL means laugh out loud, mom"
"Oh my goodness, I sent that to everyone.  I thought it meant lots of love"


"What does IDK, LY and TTYL mean?"
"I don't know, love ya.  Talk to you later"
"Ok, I will ask your sister"


"Don't forget to load the dishwasher"
"Did you do your homework"
"Dad and I talked and we're buying you a car next month"
"U R? OMG, thank you"
"No.  We're not.  I just wanted to make sure you were getting my texts"

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